Sarah Keates Andrews

Women’s Integrative Wellness
Coach, Therapist & Educator

Hey, I'm Sarah

Everything I do comes back to one key goal - to help women live in alignment.

Whether it's aligning with their natural rhythms, their true purpose, or their own inner wisdom.

My mission is to empower women to connect with themselves on a deeper level and live their lives in a way that is authentic and fulfilling.

Because when women are living in alignment with who they truly are, they are unstoppable.

You can find out more about me here.

What I'm Passionate About...

Menstrual Cycle

Helping women understand their body, mind, mood and hormones through every day of their Menstrual Cycle.


Working with women as they navigate the transition that is Perimenopause.

Helping women create the map they need to live their authentic life.

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What Clients Have to Say


"She (Sarah) was very honest and informative with her approach. In her words, she gives you the ‘tools’ to help yourself.

…So my way of continually thanking Sarah, is by recommending her to practically everyone. Thank you so much Sarah."


"To find words to describe Sarah and what she has helped me to achieve I am finding impossible.

Sarah is massive ray of light when all you face is closed doors."

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