Exercise Database

Over the years, hundreds of videos were recorded for my clients to be used as a reminder of what they needed to complete for their homework’ (ie their rehab). 

These included muscle energy techniques, self myofascial release, from neurodynamics and strengthening work.

Again, adding these to the site makes sense. They have helped so, so many people over the years and hopefully they will continue to do so. New videos will also be created as and when needed.

They are not in any order at this moment in time but I promise to put some structure together at some point.

You can see the full list of exercises here

Please Note:

These exercises are used for educational purposes only. If you are having pain or health related issues, please speak to a healthcare professional. But if you do choose to try any of these exercises — PLEASE use common sense. If something doesn’t feel right then DON’T DO IT!