Glute Soft Tissue Release With Tennis Balls

Use a tennis ball, trigger point ball or hockey ball to mobilise and release the soft tissues in the Gluteal Muscles in the hips.

Doing so can help the hips move more freely which in turn can take the pressure off the lower back (reducing back pain) and the knees (reducing knee discomfort).

When the hips are not mobile the lower back and knees have to compensate. This can lead to problems in those areas.


  1. Lie on the floor and place a tennis ball under each glute just below your pelvis (where your pockets would be).
  2. Then drop both knees out to the side whilst placing the soles of the feet together (think frog!).
  3. Gently roll around to see if you can find any tender spots.
  4. When you do ease into it gently and don’t forget to breathe!
  5. You should feel the discomfort reduce.
  6. If it increases then move off and look again.
  7. Stay on an area until it reduces or for around 60 seconds (whichever comes first).
  8. Find a couple of different spots’ to work on.
  9. Massaging these areas using the tennis balls little and often is best.


  • You can also do the same thing with a single tennis ball.