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Breaking the Kiss of Death Allyson Felix's journey to empowering women athletes and mothers Mar 27, 2023 Blogs
Breaking the Kiss of Death Mar 27, 2023 Blogs Allyson Felix's journey to empowering women athletes and mothers Owning The Busy Mar 24, 2023 Blog How to manage stress like an ER Doctor. The Flaws in Female-Based Research Mar 16, 2023 Articles How a lack of understanding and poor experimental design lead to inconsistent and invalid findings Menstrual Cycle Tracking Is Not Just for the Pros Mar 10, 2023 Blog How tracking our menstrual cycles should be included alongside nutrition, training, and recovery. The Gender Data Gap in Exercise and Fitness Research Mar 8, 2023 Blog How inaccurate representations of women in exercise and fitness research is impacting our health. Living in Alignment Mar 4, 2023 Articles Understanding and embracing the power of our inner seasons Sex Reassignment Gives Interesting Insights Into Hormones & Pain Mar 2, 2023 Blog Sex reassignment gives interesting insights into hormones & pain. Exposing Publication Bias Mar 1, 2023 Blog The unflattering data that gets lost in action From Psoriasis to Alcohol Use Disorder Feb 22, 2023 Blog How drug side effects lead to unexpected uses Building a Nonhuman Human Feb 22, 2023 Blog What gerbil ears, goat lungs, and a pig's heart all have in common. Seasonal Sleep Patterns Feb 21, 2023 Blog Exploring the need for more sleep during the 'colder' seasons Showing Up Feb 18, 2023 Blog Staying consistent during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle. Understanding Arousal Nonconcordance Feb 12, 2023 Blog Exploring the relationship between genital response, desire and pleasure. Monitoring Your Cervix Feb 10, 2023 Articles Understanding the anatomy and functions of the cervix and it's role throughout the menstrual cycle. Observing Your Cervical Mucus Feb 1, 2023 Articles Understanding cervical mucus & its role in ovulation. Nothing Left in the Tank Jan 27, 2023 Blog Awareness of both paid and unpaid work is necessary in order to combat burnout. Tracking Your Basal Body Temperature Jan 25, 2023 Articles Unlocking the mystery of Basal Body Temperature, ovulation and advanced menstrual cycle tracking. Breaking The Taboo Jan 20, 2023 Blog Embarrassment, shame, and the lack of knowledge around women's bodies. The History of Anxiety & Hysterical Paroxysm Jan 18, 2023 Blog How Hysteria led to the invention of the vibrator. More Than Just Hot Sweats Jan 11, 2023 Blog Perimenopause can impact on our work, relationships, and even finances.
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