Piriformis Soft Tissue Release With Tennis Balls (Alternative)

The piriformis muscle can be a pain in the butt….literally.

It can also cause sciatic symptoms as well as leading to hip flexor tightness’ and knee pain.

Use a tennis ball, trigger point ball or hockey ball to mobilise and release the soft tissues in the piriformis muscle in the hips.


  1. Sitting on the floor place the tennis ball under one of your cheeks’.
  2. Roll gently onto the ball…breathe!
  3. Bend the knee and drop out to the side.
  4. You can also move the leg around to adjust where you feel it.
  5. You are in charge of the pressure.
  6. If it’s too much then use your arms and the foot of your opposite leg (which is placed firmly on the floor)to take the weight off a little.
  7. You are looking for a little discomfort so if there are a few spots that feel uncomfortable (NOT painful) then stay there and breath.
  8. You should feel the discomfort reduce.
  9. If it increases then move off and look again.
  10. Stay on one side for around 60 seconds as you find a couple of different spots’ to work on.
  11. Repeat on each side 2-3 times. Little and often is best.


Piriformis Soft Tissue Release With Tennis Balls