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The Flaws in Female-Based Research Mar 16, 2023 Articles How a lack of understanding and poor experimental design lead to inconsistent and invalid findings Living in Alignment Mar 4, 2023 Articles Understanding and embracing the power of our inner seasons Monitoring Your Cervix Feb 10, 2023 Articles Understanding the anatomy and functions of the cervix and it's role throughout the menstrual cycle. Observing Your Cervical Mucus Feb 1, 2023 Articles Understanding cervical mucus & its role in ovulation. Tracking Your Basal Body Temperature Jan 25, 2023 Articles Unlocking the mystery of Basal Body Temperature, ovulation and advanced menstrual cycle tracking. Free Menstrual Cycle Tracking Templates & Guide Jan 9, 2023 Articles Templates & guides to get you started when tracking your menstrual cycle. Why Ovulation Is The Key To Optimal Health Jan 6, 2023 Articles Our period is not the main event within our menstrual cycle, Ovulation is. The Beginners Guide to Menstrual Cycle Tracking Jan 3, 2023 Articles Understand your 4 bodies. Activate your strengths. Track dangers & vulnerabilities.